Business Loans Melbourne

Get Low-Rate Business Loans in Melbourne

Looking for fund to expand your existing business? Or want to start a business of your own? Whenever you are looking for business loans in Melbourne, finding the right lender is always the key. With years of industry experience, we at HH Finance do understand this ambiguity of the borrowers and that’s why we can find you the most suitable lender for all your Business Loans needs.


There are no official or specific guidelines to qualify for business loans. The lenders tend to assess any loan application on case-by-base parameter. However, having said that, there are some common factors that the lenders will take into consideration while approving your business loans in Melbourne.

These may include:

(For Existing Business Owners)

  • How big or influential your business is.
  • How long you have been running your business.
  • What type of business you are dealing in.
  • Past profit records of your business.
  • Future profitability of your business.

(For New & Prospective Business Owners)

  • Whether you are experienced enough to start a competitive business or not.
  • Type of industry you are going to deal in.
  • Amount of loan application.
  • Whether the loan is properly secured or not.
  • Whether your prospective business fall into high risk category i.e. an inexperienced person who wants to start up a restaurant would likely to be declined even if his loan is secured. That’s because it’s a tough industry and he has no experience.

Do remember that you are more likely to qualify if you are an existing business operating within a lower risk industry where financial failure is less likely to occur.


It is the most common question that we hear from the borrowers. To be precise, the amount of loan usually depends upon the lender’s assessment of your application and the loan products you want to deal in.

Still, you may be eligible to borrow anything between $250 000 and &50,00,000 as business loan. However loans over $5 million to $50 million have some rigid & strict loan criteria.

At HH Finance, we do understand the concern of the borrowers and that’s why we have set up an expert team of brokers who would assess every nook and corner of your loan requirement and will find the most tailor made lender for your business purpose.

You can call us at 03 8370 3571 or fill in our online application form to find out if you qualify or the amount of loan you can apply for.